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  • Announcing The IP Context V2 Schema

    Our Next Gen IP Context Spur’s IP Context API was originally released in early 2020 with 10 proxy and 50 VPN services that we actively tracked and attributed. Today, we track over 40 different proxy providers and 600 VPN services. As we grew our service attribution, we felt a few pain points: Adding new metadata […]

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  • Iranian APT Utilizing Commercial VPN Services

    (Note: This post was migrated from the Spur website and was originally written on 11/17/2020) TL;DR APTs use commercial VPNs and proxies. Knowing which service matters Several weeks ago DHS/CISA issued an alert that Iranian actors were targeting US election websites. The actors scraped voter registration data, scanned for vulnerabilities, sent voter intimidation emails, and threw exploits. […]

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  • Tips on Choosing a VPN

    Defacto Tech Support I always get asked by friends and family: “what VPN should I use?” Inevitably, I complicate the answer by responding “well, what are you trying to defend against?” In a world where security has become part of dinner-table conversation I thought it would be helpful to create a reference point for how […]

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