VS Fraud.

Spur was founded in 2017 to provide actionable information to fraud and security teams. 5 years later we are serving clients across dozens of industries.

Always zero Trust

Spur specializes in outing the infrastructure actors use to commit fraud and conduct cyber attacks online. Our products, provide the context to evaluate the risk of user activities, connections, and transactions online.

Our Ethos

  • Reduce fraud & the funds it generates
  • Only report objectively verifiable events
  • Stay one step ahead of our adversaries
  • Pursue unique knowledge and insight
  • Make our business justification obvious
  • Don’t trust anything

Industry Leaders

Spur is the leader in detecting anonymous infrastructure down to the specific service



We attribute the infrastructure of over 700 different VPN and Proxy providers. Use our Context API or Data Feeds to get IP Addresses, entries, exits, and more.



Our Monocle JavaScript plugin detects interactions from automated systems, bots, malware, headless browsers, and other fake users.



We track the infrastructure for over 50 residential proxy services in real-time. Discover and thwart scaled campaigns against your service.

Who is Spur?