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  • Christmas in July: A Finely Wrapped Malware Proxy Service

    It is not often that Spur has the opportunity to glean full insight into a malware proxy service. Because we track hundreds of proxy and VPN services, our focus is generally on the proxies from a network standpoint rather than any related malware or its provenance. Even rarer do we get awareness into the actor(s) […]

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  • Case Study: Cutting Costs Through ATO Reduction

    Cutting Costs Through ATO Reduction Spur tracks anonymity networks at a network and session layer to help our clients combat fraud on their digital properties. This case-study is an example of how our data was put to action by a large financial institution, saving millions of dollars in fraud. ATO: Fancy Buzzword Acronym Account Takeovers […]

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  • Big Socks to Fill: Tracking the Next 911RE

    Someone Call 911: A Proxy Service Died It’s been over two months since the malware proxy service 911re imploded and there have been no clear frontrunners to fill the void. A few contenders looked up to the task, SocksEscort and Yilu Proxy, but SocksEscort quickly closed their doors to new sign-ups (likely in an effort […]

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