Residential proxy networks and services

  • Proxy Diversity (or lack thereof)

    A Quick Recap Residential proxies and malware proxies are one of the core technologies Spur is battling in the fight against fraud. These services have large pools of IP addresses with benign reputations. But how? The answer is SDKs. These semi-legitimate SDKs offer monetization for mobile and desktop developers. These SDKs are reverse-tunnels connecting back […]

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  • Residential Proxies: The “Legal” Botnet That Nobody Talks About

    If I were to say that a new botnet has compromised over 70 million devices world-wide, it would be front-page news. At the very least, it would be trending within most security communities. Luminati has a current claim of 70 million clean IPs available for their proxy network. Oxylabs says 100 million. Both networks source their IP pool from SDKs embedded in mobile, browser, or desktop applications. Why are Luminati and Oxylabs ignored by the security community?

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