We prevent fraud and abuse on the internet.

Every dollar we save our clients is one less dollar in the hands of malicious actors. Working together we can make the internet a safer place to do business. Join us and advance your tradecraft.

Fraud Prevention

Spur identifies hostile network infrastructure and residential proxies. Our intelligence feeds stop:

  • Denial of Inventory Attacks
  • Fraudulent Purchases
  • Geo Spoofing
  • Account Takeovers
  • Malware Propagation
  • Application DOS Attacks
  • Ad Fraud and Stuffing
  • Fake Content and Spam
  • Content Scraping

Security Operations and Risk

Spur provides a unique window into security operations and organizational risk.

  • Network Breaches
  • Insider Threat
  • Remote Access
  • Network Hygiene

Attackers have Changed

Anonymous infrastructure is available as a service. Residential proxy networks and botnets routing traffic outnumber VPNs over 250:1. Discover and react to persistent attacks you never realized were occurring. Recent top activity:

Who we are

True experts can’t be bought; they join together for causes they believe in. Spur is employee owned. We are dedicated to our mission and take pride in forging our own path without outside influence. We bring top security talent to our clients through products and services.

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