Stop fraud and abuse.

Spur provides tools and data to detect VPNs, Residential Proxies, and Bots. See why we are the industry leader in tracking hostile infrastructure and reducing fraud.

Combat the fake internet

Bots, scrapers, and other automations use anonymization services to fake residential connections. Spur tracks these connections so that you can identify when anonymization services are touching your website, application, or network.

detect residential proxies such as awm proxy, 911 proxy, socks escort, nsocks, and yilu proxy
Various residential proxy services tracked by Spur

The internet’s most influential companies choose Spur to secure their networks and online applications. As leading experts in anonymization technologies, Spur has the tools you need to counter fraud, bots, and other malicious activity coming from VPNs, Proxies, and Residential Proxy networks.

Where Spur Excels:



We attribute the infrastructure of over 800 different VPN and Proxy providers. Use our Context API or Data Feeds to get IP Addresses, entries, exits, and more.



Our Monocle JavaScript plugin detects interactions from automated systems, bots, malware, headless browsers, and other fake users.



We track the infrastructure for over 50 residential proxy services in real-time. Discover and thwart scaled campaigns against your service.

Identify Tradecraft

Threat actors escalate tradecraft based on the defenses they encounter. Using Spur to protect your digital properties increases the cost to attackers and typically forces them on to the next target instead. Increasing the cost to attack your network or application reduces the number of actors willing to invest the resources.

As the difficulty to detect a service increases, so does the price for a threat actor to use it. More sophisticated threat actors can leverage higher tier infrastructure when necessary.

Throwaway IPs range from cheap to expensive. Force an attacker to use the most expensive forms of anonymization to even attempt an attack against your network or services.

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Our Products:

vpn detection context api

Context API

Our Context API provides high-performance IP enrichments suitable for any automation platform or custom integration. We handle thousands of requests per second and are built for millions.


A Client-Side JavaScript utility to bundle bot detection, proxy detection, and network data in-line for your web-based application. Monocle combines the convenience of a captcha with the capabilities of a Zero-Trust proxy.

res proxy detection monocle
big data vpn detection

Data Feeds

Use our data in your own environment. On-prem data is best for compliance, machine learning applications, scalability, and privacy. All of our data is available in new-line-separated JSON format for easy integration and engineering.

Custom Analytics

Work with us to produce a custom data feed tailored to your specific fraud use-case. We have thwarted APTs, blocked scammers, and attributed criminal infrastructure. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about how we can help you.

Attackers have Changed

Residential proxy networks and botnets provide millions of clean, rotating IPs for attackers to use. Spur provides data on IP Addresses in these networks so that you can protect your business operations, improve security, and prevent fraud.


Tracked services




Residential Proxy IPs

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Quantifiable ROI

The math is simple: reducing fake activity and fraud will save your company money. Use Spur to improve your bottom line. Our tools let you accomplish this with minimal user friction.

We Know Anonymous

Our team has spent decades battling threat-actors across every corner of the internet. We were tired of threat intelligence that lacks the context to make business decisions. Our data and APIs bring our expertise to your organization in flexible and consumable formats.

Spur solutions are different.

We built our tool-set from the ground up to avoid the pitfalls and failures of existing solutions.

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