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Advanced detection of anonymization and threats

Spur provides cutting-edge tools and data to detect VPNs, residential proxies, and bots – helping you stay ahead of the latest evasion methods.

Spur tracks over 800 different anonymity services around the internet

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Combat the fake internet.

Spur’s advanced tools excel at VPN attribution, bot detection, and proxy tracking, helping you counter fraud and other malicious activity.

Data Feeds

The power of Spur, the flexibility of in-house.

On prem datasets give you full control of analysis, performance, integration, and security. Know the entire footprint of anonymity networks over time.


Convenience of captcha, capabilities of zero-trust.

Monocle provides session level anonymity detection for your website using simple javascript. See VPN or Residential Proxy usage on form submissions and other user action.


Streamlined IP enrichment, high-performance API.

IP data optimized for in-line lookups and enrichment. Use a simple API call to get insight into generalized IP context and classification.

// Real time detection

Attackers evolve rapidly, Spur keeps you ahead of the curve.

We observe and report our findings in real-time, providing you with up to the second awareness of residential proxies and their activity.

Daily indicator count
Residential proxy IP's identified
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How Spur helped solve problems in organizations like yours.

Case study
Social media platform stops account farming and spam
Case study
Financial institution reduces account takeovers by over 40%