Our Data Stops fraud and abuse on the internet

Industry Leading Capabilities

VPN Identification

We expose and attribute the entry and exit points for over 550 different commercial VPN providers, giving you the information you need to react.

Geo Fraud

Our precision geo data identifies where activity on an IP addresses is originating from, not where the server is located. Identify and prevent geo-fraud.

Residential Proxies

Malware, trojans, SDKs, and other hidden call-back proxy services wreak havoc online. We track over 25 proxy services being used for automated fraud and abuse. Identify the tradecraft being used against you.

User Counts

We estimates the number of concurrent devices on an IP address, giving you insight on how to treat and contextualize other threat intelligence or incident response activity.

Infrastructure Type

What type of infrastructure is an IP address routing client traffic for? We let you know if an IP belongs to mobile infrastructure, customer data-center space, in-flight-wifi, and more.

Device Behaviors

When threat-actor tradecraft breaks down, we are there to notice. We call out what types of anonymization activity IP addresses have been involved with so that you can assess user risk.

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Quantifiable ROI

Application Integrity

Assess user risk, prevent fake account creation, block bots, identify automated activity, and stop content scraping.

Fraud Prevention

Identify geo-discrepencies, account take-over, credential replays, inventory manipulation, and automated platform abuse.

Security Operations

Improve identity management and authentication, isolate adversary tradecraft, and narrow the search-space for incident responders.

High Performance API

Our high performance Context API provides lightning fast IP enrichments suitable for any automation platform or custom integration. We handle thousands of requests per second and are built for millions.

Bulk data feeds

We empower you to use our data in your own environment. Whether you require on-prem data for compliance, machine learning applications, or performance, we have you covered. All of our data is available in new-line-separated JSON format for easy integration.

Custom Analytics

We can build and produce custom data feeds tailored to your specific fraud use-case. We have thwarted APTs, blocked scammers, and attributed criminal infrastructure. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about how we can help you.

Attackers have Changed

Anonymous infrastructure is ubiquitous. Residential proxy networks and botnets provide millions of clean, rotating IPs for attackers to use. VPN services have become hotbeds for abuse. Residential proxies can be impossible to detect. We provide data on IPs in these networks so that you can protect your business operations, improve security, and prevent fraud.


Commercial VPN Providers Attributed


Active VPN IPs


Residential Proxy IPs

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We Know Anonymous Infrastructure

Our team has spent decades battling threat-actors across every corner of the internet. We are tired of threat intelligence that lacks the context to make business decisions. Our data and APIs allow us to bring our expertise to you.

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