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Rapid IP search with actionable data

Context API provides hosted high-performance IP enrichment lookups suitable for automation platforms, scripts, and custom integrations.

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No arbitrary scores, just objective data

VPN exit & entry IPs

Identify and associate the exit points for various VPN entry IPs, or the entry points for a VPN exit IP. Enforce VPN access policies or identify tradecraft in fraud campaigns.

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Choose the plan that's right for you

Try it for free, scale as you grow.

Community UI

Free, rate-limited individual lookups. Ideal for previewing our data and one-offs.

  • Access Type: UI
  • Monthly Queries: Up to 5k

Realtime updates
Any IPv4 or IPv6
No rate limit
Performance SLA
Commercial license

Community API

Starting from $99/mo
billed annuallyFrom 50k up to 1M monthly queries. Ideal for researchers, automation, and low volume integrations.

  • Access Type: API
  • Monthly Queries: Up to 1m

Realtime updates
Any IPv4 or IPv6
No rate limit
Performance SLA
Commercial license
// FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can Context-API integrate with other platforms & services?

We proudly integrate with the following platforms and services: Vertex Power-Up, Anomali, Threat Quotient, and Spiderfoot HX. See our documentation for more information. Don’t see an integration for your tools? Let us know.

Our community dashboard will show you the API response when you click on the “Show Raw Data”. This is our free trial. Programmatic access is only available with the paid plans.

Think of the Context API as a hosted version of our feeds. It is great for in-line enrichment and light automation.

No. The Context API is limited to what we know at the time of a query. You can use the time of your query as the associated timestamp.

Yes. Our API responses are limited exclusively to internal use only. If you have a commercial use-case that includes services or derivative products you must be granted a license to do so through our enterprise sales process.