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  • Taking a Bite Out of Fraud: How Spur “dog foods” Monocle to put a leash on fake signups

    If you build it, they will come Putting anything public-facing on the Internet will result in abuse over a long enough time span. As a basic example, fire up a “hello world” web application on a Raspberry Pi, punch a hole in your router’s firewall and port forward to your new web server, and watch […]

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  • Identifying the Nexus of Scaled Ad Fraud

    The Problem Late last week, I was procrastinating perusing LinkedIn and encountered an article that referenced a scaled ad-fraud campaign powered by a free VPN application called Oko VPN (okovpn[.]com). The second I saw the article title, I had a gut feeling it had to involve a residential proxy service. First, I wanted to know […]

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  • Case Study: Cutting Costs Through ATO Reduction

    Cutting Costs Through ATO Reduction Spur tracks anonymity networks at a network and session layer to help our clients combat fraud on their digital properties. This case-study is an example of how our data was put to action by a large financial institution, saving millions of dollars in fraud. ATO: Fancy Buzzword Acronym Account Takeovers […]

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  • Announcing Monocle Community Edition

    The Next Step in Proxy Detection Spur started over 5 years ago, and looking back, the ecosystem of anonymization services in 2017 seems quaint compared to today. The arms race for clean, rotating IP Addresses has created a world where humans, bots, fraudsters, or malicious actors can assume the “IP Identity” of millions of residential […]

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  • I Don’t Like Big Gateways (and I Cannot Lie)

    How IP Reputation Gets Large Gateways Wrong Thanks to Network Address Translation (NAT), large organizations can get by with only a small number of public IP addresses. What this means is, to the backbone of the Internet, the employee watching funny cat videos on will have the same IP address as the employee trying […]

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