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The VPN Lurking in Comcast: StarVPN

(Updated 2021-02-04)

VPN services work hard to provide their customers access to location restricted content. Most services have a hard time circumventing Netflix or Disney+'s access restrictions. Take a look at our analysis of StarVPN who utilizes residential ISPs to provide their customers unrestricted access to region locked content.

Residential Proxies: The "Legal" Botnet That Nobody Talks About

(Updated 2020-12-3)

Residential proxy networks are often ignored within the security community. They leverage SDKs embedded within mobile applications, browser extensions, and desktop programs to produce an unwitting network of millions of devices. This is a botnet.

Proxy Diversity (or lack thereof)

(Updated 2020-08-18)

The VPN landscape has lacked diversity for some time. Lots of VPN brands but ultimately owned by only a few companies. This article explores the amount of diversity in proxy services and how one organization controls the majority of proxy IP addresses.

Iranian APT Utilizing Commercial VPN Services

(Updated 2020-11-17)

A DHS/CISA alert contained IP indicators for an Iranian APT meddling with US election sites. Spur analysis shows heavy use of Nord and PIA VPN services to conduct this operation.

Tips on Choosing a VPN

(Posted 2020-10-23)

VPNs, like all security tools, have trade-offs depending on the technology and service provider you use. Choosing what trade-offs to make based on your risk profile and usage requirements is the crux of any security optimization.


(Updated 2020-09-11)

Ever wonder if your current IP is proxying traffic for criminals or residential proxy services? Do you wonder if we can identify the VPN you are currently using? Take a look at our new free service

Providing Context to Free IP Reputation Lists

(Updated 2020-08-28)

After analyzing several free IP reputation lists, a common thread emerges: these lists lack context. Take a look at how Spur analyzed these lists and the common thread across them.

Introducing Spur Anonymity Reports

(Updated 2020-08-17)

We are using our in-depth insight into anonymization services on the internet to help the security community better understand the scope and scale of it's usage. Find out more by reading our latest Anonymity Report.