Monocle Terms of Use

Spur Intelligence Corporation Monocle Terms of Use

1. General. These terms of use (“Terms of Use”) are governed by and incorporate by reference the general Spur Terms and Conditions ( and Privacy Policy (, both with the same force and effect as though fully set forth herein. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined in these Terms of Use will have the meanings set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

2. Agreement. By using Monocle, Company accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use and those terms referenced herein, which we may amend from time to time. If Company does not accept or agree with these Terms of Use, Company is prohibited from any further use of Monocle.

3. Data Use. Company acknowledges and agrees that Monocle works by collecting hardware and software information, such as device and application data, and sending this data to Spur for analysis. The information collected in connection with Company’s use of Monocle will be used for providing, maintaining, and improving Spur products and for general security purposes.

4. Use Restrictions. Monocle may only be used for Company’s internal business purposes, or, if Company has purchased a commercial license for Monocle, then only to the extent explicitly authorized in such license. In either case, Monocle may only be used consistent with applicable law and may not (for example) be used to determine credit worthiness, employment eligibility, financial status, or insurability of an individual (except to the extent conducted in compliance with applicable law). Spur reserves the right to impose reasonable limitations on Company’s use of Monocle in response to abuse.

5. Notification of Terms. Company agrees to explicitly inform applicable End Users that Company has implemented Monocle on its properties and that Company’s and End Users’ use of Monocle is subject to the Spur Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

6. Privacy. Company will comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations, including those applying to personal data. Company will provide and adhere to a privacy policy that clearly and accurately describes to applicable Company end users (“End Users”) what user information Company collects and how Company uses and shares such information with Spur and third parties. Company will be responsible for providing any necessary notices to or obtaining any necessary consents for the collection and sharing of such data with Spur (and – to the extent data from end users of any third party is shared with Spur due to Company’s use of Monocle – ensuring such third party does so).

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