Question: How do I get access to Spur?

Answer: Create an account online to get access to our free community dashboard and online products.

Question: Where can I find technical documentation?

Answer: Visit our developer portal for technical reference documentation, examples, and integration instructions.

Question: How do I contact you for support?

Answer: Please email us at support@spur.us for any assistance.

Question: My company already uses Spur, how do I tie my account to my company?

Answer: If you need to manage your company account, you will need to contact the account owner directly. There is no way to link online accounts to an organization.

Question: How can I test the Context API?

Answer: The community search portal provides the option to “show raw data”. This will display the full API data response. Programatic access is only available for purchased API plans.

Question: My account was banned or disabled, what do I do?

Answer: You can contact us and explain the situation if you want. No promises.

Question: My phone number is not working for registration.

Answer: Try a different phone number.