Data Feeds

Bulk data in your environment

We Get It: you need control

It's not your fault. You have limits on using external services. Whether it is for compliance, tech-stack, performance, or privacy, we are here to help. Bring our data in-house to leverage our context in your environment. We offer all of our capabilities in bulk format, sliced so you only get the view you need.

Machine Learning

External enrichments don't play great with machine learning and big data platforms- at least not compared to the performance and simplicity of having everything locally.

On Prem and Compliance

For larger clients, on-prem bring a piece of mind in environmental control. Once you have our data in-house you can conform to any existing security policy or compliance mandates.

Historical Records

Our API only provides current data, but our feeds go back over a year. If you care about a past moment in time, feeds may be right for you. Historical snapshots of IP context facilitates incident response, remediation, and adversarial attribution.

Sheer Volume

Maybe you need to make unlimited API calls and don't feel like dealing with quotas or authentication. Bring it in house and be our guest!

Available Feeds

We have pre-sliced our bulk exports to their most common use cases. Each feed is scoped by a combination of services, location, and enrichment fields. If you don't see what you are looking for- get in touch.


All attributed and unattributed VPN and Proxy exits globally.

Anonymous +Residential

Our entire Anonymous feed, plus all callback, residential, and malware proxies. Get in touch with out sales team if you are interested.


Let us build out a data-set, feed, or analytic to fit your use case. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more.

Field Legend

User Count Estimate
Attributed VPNs and Proxies
Unattributed VPNs and Proxies
Precision Geo
Global Coverage
Callback, Residential, and Malware Proxies
Available in streaming/real-time formats
Historical Data
Additional Context Fields

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