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Our Context API doesn't offer arbitrary scores, stale reputations, or judgement on maliciousness. Instead, we tell you all the facts we know about an IP Address. Use our data to make decisions for your business.

Warp VPN Exit

> curl

  "ip": "",
  "anonymous": true,
  "vpnOperators": {
    "exists": true,
    "operators": [ { "name": "WARP_VPN" } ]
  "deviceBehaviors": {
    "behaviors": [ { "name": "TOR_PROXY_USER" } ],
    "exists": true
  "devices": { "estimate": 50 },
  "proxiedTraffic": { "exists": false },
  "geoPrecision": {
    "city": "Riyadh",
    "country": "SA",
    "exists": true,
    "hash": "th3hvvny",
    "point": {
      "latitude": 24.7698,
      "longitude": 46.6684,
      "radius": 500
    "state": "Riyadh Region"

Introducing: the Data

Our unrivalled insight into proxy networks and network infrastructure provides you the context you need to assess the risk of an ongoing connection. The Context API always provides the latest confirmed details for an IP.

VPN Exit IPs

Does an IP belong to a commercial VPN provider? We map the infrastructure for over 350 different commercial providers and tell you exactly who an IP belongs to.

Callback Proxies

See if an IP address proxies traffic for residential proxy networks, malware networks, botnets, or other commercial end-point based zombies.

Precision Geo

Identifying geo-fraud is a critical component to fraud and security operations. We focus on providing accurate usage location, not data-center location.

User Count Estimate

There is a big difference between a 50 person gateway and dedicated IP. We've saved clients hundreds of hours in wasted analysis by understanding the size of the haystack they were about to search.

Device Behaviors

Understand the types of network activity an IP has been involved with: VPN usage, Tor usage, peer-to-peer networks and more.

Similar IPs

We link server and client IP addresses together based on their external properties and network behavior.

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Our Advantages

VPN and Proxy Names

Our data outperforms the competition in both results and accuracy.

Global Data

Accurate results are available globally from ethically sourced data.

High Performance

Lightning fast performance and reliability suitable for any integration or automation.

Residential Proxies

Granular details on residential, malware, and other callback proxy networks.

Customer Use Cases

Real-world applications with real-world customers. This is how your competitors are leveraging Spur to improve security, prevent fraud, and protect their customers.

Financial Institutions

Call-back proxy networks are being to perform user masquerades, account take-overs, apply for fraudulent loans, brute force pins, replay credentials, and more. Our data labels commercial, residential, malware, and other call-back proxy networks so that our financial customers can protect their customers, financial assets, and themselves.

E-Commerce Platforms

Automated activity frustrates users, erodes brand trust, and destroys customer conversions. Our data illuminates the networks facilitating: fake vendor creation, spam, denial-of-inventory attacks, fraudulent purchases, scalping, fake content, and price scraping. Protect and control your digital storefront.

Managed Security and SOCs

Our MSS and SOC clients rely on our VPN and Proxy data to audit authentication attempts on their networks. With the rise of remote access, this context is critical to controlling remote resources.

Security Appliance Vendors

Developing generalized defenses requires ground truth. We work with cloud and physical security appliance vendors to help improve their rule-sets and engineer capabilities that prevent malicious activity.

Incident Response and Professional Services

We've saved our clients countless analyst hours (and embarrassment) by providing insight into IP related IOCs during an investigation. Before jumping to conclusions, it is important to understand how an IP is being used online. Is it shared? Is it a commercial service? What anonymization networks may be tying my case together? What tradecraft are we combatting?

API Subscriptions

Choose a subscription tier that fits your use case. Save by committing to a full annual subscription. Not enough? Inquire about our feeds.

50k Query Pack


(billed annually)

50,000 queries per month. Ideal for small security teams, researchers, and scripting applications.

250k Query Pack


(billed annually)

250,000 queries per month. Ideal for large security teams, alert enrichments, and custom integrations.

1M Query Pack


(billed annually)

1,000,000 queries per month. Ideal for enterprise security teams, MSSPs, and high volume integrations.

Need Raw Data?

Platform Integrations

We proudly integrate with the following platforms and services. Don't see an integration for your tools? Let us know. We are constantly looking for new places to bring our data and engage with the community.

Looking for something else?

We work with clients to provide custom threat intelligence, product integrations, and raw data. Get in touch with our sales team to find out if we can help.