- Vpngate VPN and Proton VPN belongs to the Vpngate VPN and Proton VPN anonymization networks. Vpngate VPN and Proton VPN users route traffic through to obscure their traffic from ISPs and mask their identity from servers on the internet.

100 Devices

There are typically around 100 unique devices active on This means that individual user activity may blend in with other devices. This is a moderately large gateway.

Proxies Traffic has proxied traffic on behalf of call-back proxy networks. This could indicate malware, or other surreptitious software on devices on These networks build up inventories of endpoints and lease out bandwidth/IPs for use by criminal and bot networks.

Ipoh, MY

Usage of has been concentrated in the Ipoh area. This is significantly different than the hosting location for (Los Angeles, US) For more detailed geo-fraud information you must use our API.

This IP may be trying to spoof it's location

Device Behaviors

We have identified at least 1 behavior relevant to devices using We evaluate connection patterns for to establish tradecraft behaviors. Consult our API for more details on how this can help you prevent fraud.


This IP is owned by PERFORMIVE and is hosted in Los Angeles, US. In today's dynamic cloud infrastructure environment, making security decisions about entire net-blocks (such as AS46562) often leads to mistakes. Use our context data to help inform your business decisions instead.

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Attackers have changed; fortunately, so has threat intelligence. Our context API provides IP insights for you to make business risk decisions on

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