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Industry leading insights into VPNs and Proxies, delivered in real-time.

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We have been immersed in threat-actor infrastructure for decades.

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Our partnerships around the industry benefits all of our customers.

Stop New Botnets

Alternative monetization tools are re-selling connections from endpoint devices to criminal and bot networks. Spur tracks this activity to help our clients identify abuse on their platforms.

These services, frequently referred to callback proxies, residential proxies, or "get paid to" proxies provide clean, rotating IPs that evade traditional VPN detection techniques. They build their proxy pools by embedding command-and-control services into SDKs, Browser Extensions, Trojanized applications, malware, and GPT apps.

Enhancing Zero Trust

Spur detects the presence of proxy services on IP Addresses, giving our clients the context they need to evaluate the risk of user activities and connections.

Our data is designed to provide actionable details into anonymity tradecraft used by bots and other hostile actors.

We Are Driven By Mission

Spur is dedicated to preventing fraud and enhancing security operations. We work on the digital front lines to provide the private sector with the tools and data they need to defend themselves and their customers.

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