Bring the power of Spur into your environment. Use our data locally for performance and security.

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Access without limits

Bring our raw data in-house to fit your architecture. We offer our products in bulk format, sliced so you get the view of the anonymization services you need. Join our enterprise clients who use our raw data to help secure some of the largest platforms in the world.

Machine Learning

External enrichments don’t play great with machine learning and big data platforms- at least not compared to the performance and simplicity of having everything locally.


For larger clients with compliance requirements, on-prem data brings piece of mind and environmental control. With local data, you can comply with existing security policies

Historical Records

Our API only provides current data, but our feeds go back over a year. If you care about a past moment in time, feeds may be right for you. Historical snapshots of IP context facilitates incident response, remediation, and adversarial attribution.

Query Volume

Maybe you need don’t feel like dealing with quotas, limits, or authentication with an external API. Query against your local database instead.

Feed Offerings


Attributed and unattributed VPN and Proxy IPs.

  • 700+ VPN Services
  • Daily Updates
  • New Line JSON
  • 4M-7M IPs / Day
  • Historical Available


VPNs plus Residential and other endpoint based proxies.

  • Includes Anon Feed
  • Residential Proxies
  • Malware Proxies
  • 17M-21M IPs / Day
  • Realtime Streams Available


Other infrastructure types, data fields, formats, and delivery.

  • Commercial License
  • Delivery format
  • Streaming
  • Additional fields
  • Historical Access

Need data in-line for your platform or web application? Monocle provides Network context and client risk insights through a lightweight JavaScript library. View individual device-level risk.



  • Preventing Credential Stuffing Attacks
  • Verify Account Creation
  • Blocking Spam and Fake Content
  • Detect Bots and Automated Fraud
  • Secure Enterprise Resources
  • Prevent Denial of Inventory Attacks
  • Fingerprint Threat-Actor Tradecraft

Visit our blog to learn more about how our clients take advantage of our on-prem data sets.


We proudly integrate with the following platforms and services. Don’t see an integration for your tools? Let us know. We are constantly looking for new places to bring our data and engage with the community. logo

Vertex Power-Up

The Vertex Project’s Synapse Enterprise customers can use the Synapse-Spur Power-Up to enrich IP addresses using the Spur IP Context API. Bring our VPN and Proxy tracking and attribution directly to your analytical teams and decision makers.

Anomali logo


Use our IP Context API inside of your Anomali platform workflows and automations.

Threat quotient

ThreatQuotient offers supported integrations with our Context API for enrichment and actions.

Spiderfoot HX

Spiderfoot HX (now part of Intel471) offers module support for IP Context API enrichments.

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