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Objective Truth

Our Context API doesn’t offer arbitrary scores, stale reputations, or judgement on maliciousness. Instead, we tell you all the facts we know about an IP Address. Use our data to make decisions for your business.

Our Data

VPN Exit IPs

We know track the providers and operators of different VPN services. See what service an IP belongs to.

  "tunnels": [
      "anonymous": true,
      "operator": "WARP_VPN",
      "type": "VPN"
  "client": {
    "proxies": [

Residential Proxies

Track interactions from residential proxy networks. We attribute the IP Addresses being resold from over 50 different providers.

Precision Geo

Identifying geo-fraud is a critical component to fraud and security operations. We focus on providing accurate usage location, not data-center location.

  "client": {
    "concentration": {
      "city": "Kokubunji",
      "country": "JP",
      "density": 1,
      "geohash": "xn75jm",
      "skew": 7464,
      "state": "Tokyo"
    "countries": 1
  "client": {
    "behaviors": [

Client Behaviors

Understand the types of network activity an IP has been involved with: VPN usage, Tor usage, peer-to-peer networks and more.

50k Query Pack


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50,000 queries per month. Ideal for small security teams, researchers, and scripting applications.

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250,000 queries per month. Ideal for large security teams, alert enrichments, and custom integrations.

1M Query Pack


(billed annually)

1,000,000 queries per month. Ideal for enterprise security teams, MSSPs, and high volume integrations.

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