IP Intelligence Feeds

We collect and organize analytic findings by IP Address. Our promise is to provide actionable context, not worthless data. Detect residential proxies, detect bots, and prevent attacks.

Residential Proxy Detection

Attack infrastructure has gone to the cloud. Dangerous bots, malware, and humans leverage large commercial anonymization networks as a service. We preemptively pinpoint these IPs based on their behavior so that you can stop fraudulent activity.

Commercial and Private VPN Detection

We offer unrivaled detection and insight into commercial and private VPN infrastructure. Easily block unwanted behaviors like geo spoofing, content scraping, login masquerades, fake content and spam. We expose where anonymous traffic is coming from.

Built for Integration

Our feeds are designed to be used and integrated into on-prem environments and commercial products. The structured JSON can be ingested directly into machine learning environments, application firewalls, event management engines or existing databases. Alternatively, you can run our feeds locally as a high performance API that always stays updated - deployable in a one-line docker command.

Our Solution is Superior

We discover more types of anonymous infrastructure than our competition. Unlike other feeds, we attribute anonymous exit points to their providers. Our enrichments provide the context you need to make informed decisions.