Context API

We expose VPNs, residential proxies, botnets, anonymization behavior, geo-fraud and more. Anonymous infrastructure has changed; it is time the industry caught up.

VPN Exit Points

Identify commercial and private VPN exit points along with the name of the service. We expose over 80 different commercial providers.

Residential and Malware Proxies

See if an IP address proxies traffic for residential proxy networks, malware networks or botnets. "This is a total game-changer. All of our fraud comes from these networks."

User Counts

We estimate how many people typically use an IP address and describe the infrastructure it belongs to.

Precision Geo

Our analytics isolating where an IP is being used from to help you combat geo-fraud.


See affiliated wireless network names for public spaces and commercial gateways, saving hours of analysis.

Similar IPs

Identify other IP addresses that share devices and other characteristics.

Technical Device Behaviors

Understand if devices behind an IP have previously used VPNs, Tor or other peer-to-peer networks.

API Features

We strive to make our API the very best for our customers.

Only pay for what you use. Per-query pricing without bulky subscriptions.

Accurate results available globally from ethically sourced data.

Monitor and track API usage and tokens via our management dashboard.

Lightning fast performance and reliability suitable for any integration.

Fair Pricing

The context API starts at $0.00115 per query. You only pay for what you use and the enrichments you add. There are no minimums or subscriptions. See the docs for more detailed descriptions of each field.

Looking for something else?

We work with clients to provide custom threat intelligence, product integrations, and raw data. Get in touch with our sales team to find out if we can help.