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Driven by mission

Spur is dedicated to preventing fraud and enhancing security operations. We work on the digital front lines to provide the private sector with the tools and data they need to defend themselves and their customers.

“Spur is by far the best security vendor we have ever worked with”

Major Financial Institution

Born out of necessity

No focus groups. No snake oil. Spur products exist to solve technical problems unaddressed or neglected by the security industry. We wasted our time so you don’t waste yours.


Zero Trust Captcha

A passive, lightweight JavaScript plugin to detect residential proxies and bots. Build your own zero-trust perimeter in-line.


IP Enrichment

The high performance Context-API provides IP lookups on-demand suitable for any event enrichment environment.


On-Prem Bulk Data

Use raw data to achieve the performance and scale you need within your own fraud and risk platforms.

How we deliver results